PiCK UP! Biscuits Giveaway

PiCK UP! Biscuits Giveaway

Biscuits are a firm fixture in the Ramblings household, particularly with LissyLou, she is a biscuit fiend!

Bahlsen have created a new biscuit, similar to the popular Choco Leibniz the new PiCK UP! biscuits are a bit special. PiCK UP! are individually wrapped, it is two biscuits sandwiched together with delicious chocolate. Perfect for on the go!

PiCK UP! Biscuits GiveawayWe tried these today and they are absolutely delicious! Nice but not too sweet biscuit and creamy chocolate. The kids were very impressed.

If you’d like to win a massive 14 packets of the delicious PiCK UP! biscuits then fill in the rafflecopter details below following all the actions you choose.

Best of Luck!

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PiCK UP! Biscuits Giveaway — 67 Comments

  1. A nice cold glass of milk and my cookie of choice.

    Sometimes it’ll be hot chocolate or hot tea, but only very rarely will it be coffee

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