Half Term Is Here

Half Term Is Here

Phew, we’ve made it through the first half term of 2014. C has made it through his first half year of proper schooling. Yes, we are half way through the school year, half way through the learning, excitement and enjoyment that is reception. He is thriving. From shy, anxious little boy to confident, bright and brilliant. Reception is good for him, school is good for him.

At parents evening last week we were proud to hear that he is “a lovely little boy” and that his teacher loves him. He makes her pictures and models every day and will do anything to please and for the praise. He is just like Daddy Ramblings as a child, he is a sweet, lovely little boy who is doing his best.

He can read, he loves to get his reading book each week and he is confident and assured in reading it. He is trying to read signs when we are out and about and he is surprising us every single day.

School is hard, we have the usual wobbles when people don’t play with him and I worry about whether he’s eaten his dinner or remembered his gloves but it’s good for him and he loves it and he’s learning. It’s right.

But now it’s half term, a chance to recharge his batteries and prepare for the next part of the journey. We haven’t made many plans, I think it’s nice to take each day as it comes and because I work term time only it’s nice to know that I have the whole week to spend with both children.

The other big school related update is that this week we received a letter about LissyLou starting school nursery in September. It was a very welcome surprise, she is ready to start. She has been ready for a while and we had secretly hoped they might have a place for her from April onwards but sadly that hasn’t been able to happen. So she has to wait until September, I’m glad that it is now getting confirmed because at least that means I can plan for it. But it also means that C will go into Year 1 and I’m just not ready yet! So I won’t be wishing away the rest of this year, I’ll be enjoying it and so will they. All change again come September, we are ready!


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