Modern Modular: Space Saving Seating

Modern Modular: Space Saving Seating

Everyone, from apartment renters to home owners, often has to deal with space issues. It’s the eternal modern day juggling act between finding a place for your stuff and having room to live and breathe. However, with a bit of creativity mankind has found a solution for this issue with the invention of modular furniture. Modularity is the concept of pieces of an object coming together to make different things. Or in the interior design world, it’s taken the name ‘multipurpose’ furniture and works well in guest’s and kid’s rooms. Here are some great furniture ideas that will let you fill your space and have it too:

Many Pieces, Many Functions

The purpose of modular furniture design is to create multi-functional furniture that adapts to your space and needs. This concept can be seen clearly in pieces like the ReStyle modular set. With modular furniture like this you have several options for even very small spaces, and if you were to move it’s also versatile enough to adapt to wherever you go. There are many different styles of modular furniture, that cover different ranges of function, but modular furniture can take more common forms as well.

Sofa Beds

Futons and pull-out couches are probably the most common multi-purpose furniture options. However, they are also notoriously uncomfortable. A sofa bed that is flush with a wall, like the Altea Sofa, can be a more comfortable and artful alternative. Like a murphy bed, the bed is inside a wall during the day so it is not collecting bothersome lumps as a result of being folded into a couch. However, with a murphy bed you have to keep the area in front clear so you don’t have to do any major moving every time you want get some sleep. With the Altea Sofa you have a comfortable couch to use while your bed is safely tucked away.

Speaking of couches that turn into beds, what about a couch that turns into two beds? Nope it’s not magic, it’s real! A couch called DOC can be converted into a bunk bed complete with a ladder. That’s three for the space of one. Something like this is perfect for when your kids have a sleepover.

Single to Double Day Beds

Modern Modular: Space Saving Seating

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Day beds are a great option for visitors plus they typically aren’t as expensive as a full mattress and frame. They are usually smaller, which saves space, and they are better than offering them the couch. When coupled with an armchair and/or ottoman, you can offer guests an entire living space without crowding the whole room. Stylish ottomans can really bring a room together, and showcase a number of designer offerings. However, what if you have a couple staying with you? Then the Romy day bed works for you.  In less than a minute, this single bed turns into a double. Plus its foam filling makes it as light as it is comfortable.

Multi-purpose furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and with all kinds of functions. If you are working with a small space, or if you are trying to furnish a guest room, you can do it with both form and function.

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