The Christmas Crazies

The Christmas Crazies

Anyone else finding the run up to Christmas very hard this year? My children are over tired, over excited and frankly driving e crazy. I’m calling this phenomenon the Christmas Crazies.

Picture this, two normally well behaved children are replaced by two out of control monsters. Manners forgotten, toys thrown, tempers frayed and threats of phone calls to Father Christmas made frequently. I don’t know how much longer I can take it, I know it’s only really one more day but come on, there’s only so many times I can tolerate being spoken back to and ignored!

I’m so ready for it to be Christmas, the kids can’t seem to cope with the waiting anymore. I don’t remember it being like this last year, maybe it was. Maybe tomorrow will be better, the concept of Christmas Eve will hopefully be enough to keep them behaving. It helps that we have plans for tomorrow. I have sorted the Christmas Eve hamper and we are heading to Granny’s for tea, these things will hopefully break up the day and make the process easier. Then it will be home to prepare for the Big Mans arrival with Christmas stories and setting our stockings and then bed. Like other parents around the world I will be praying that the children are not too excited to sleep and that they don’t wake up before 6am.

I think as long as when the children wake me on Christmas morning that the clock says any time after 6am I will cope, any earlier and they will be going back to sleep.

Until then, I’m struggling through the Christmas Crazies, is it just me?


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