A little bit of Las Vegas in your home

A little bit of Las Vegas in your home

As you may or may not know I love a little flutter, whether it’s a scratchcard or a trip to Vegas, I love a sensible gamble. My trip to Las Vegas was one of the best holidays of my life, the glitz, the glam, the lights of the big city. I even brought a bit of Vegas home with me in the form of my Las Vegas sign Christmas decoration. It takes pride of place on my tree as a reminder of a great trip and as a homage to the razzle dazzle. It’s become a firm favourite on our Christmas tree and in our home.

A little bit of Las Vegas in your home

I spotted this fantastic Jackpot city birdhouse available at Amazon, it looks just like an oldfashioned casino, maybe in the Wild West or similar. The birdhouse is incredibly colourful and filled with small details that casino lovers would enjoy, take for example the fact the small roulette table and piles of chips spread around the piece. A cute way of welcoming the birds to your garden, I can just picture them using the seeds to bet on a little bird race or similar!

A little bit of Las Vegas in your home

If like me you are a casino fan then this birdhouse will keep the casino spirit alive even if you can’t stretch to the Vegas budget. Often times this piece will strike up conversation about casinos and you will be able to introduce the people asking into the world of online casino. The benefit of an online casino is the thrill of the game without the cost of the flights/hotels/champagne etc. Or you could just splash out and treat yourself to that holiday! Either way just remember to be sensible and only gamble what you can afford to lose and then that way it’s fun but safe!

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