Sponsored Video Tweeting Bra Nestle Fitness

Sponsored Video Tweeting Bra Nestle Fitness

I think we all have a list of health things that we know we should do but we put off. For me it was my smear test, something I know I shouldn’t have put off for so long but something that I feel a lot better for having done. It’s also something that only has to be done every few years so it’s not that bad at all!

The other thing that I forget about or put off is checking my breasts. It should be done once a month, once a month, that’s all! But it’s so easy to forget that it needs doing, to put it to the bottom of your massive to do list. Nestle Fitness have come up with a short term solution that should helps. It’s called the Tweeting Bra and it’s purpose is not only to remind you of the need to check your breasts each month but also to help raise awareness of Breast Cancer.

It’s the first bra that actually tweets, yes you read that correctly, the bra tweets! Greek celebrity Maria Bakodimou will be wearing this special bra for 2 weeks from 19.11.13 and each time she unhooks the bra, a signal is sent to the phone with the designated @TweetingBra account and a tweet is posted to remind followers about the monthly self-exam. The aim is to spread the message around the world one tweet at a time.

You can get involved by following @TweetingBra and by using #tweetingbra to keep track of events. It’s a great way to get that reminder for you but to also help spread the message of the importance of checking your breasts! Get involved, it’s a small amount of involvement from you that could make a huge difference to someone!

This is a sponsored post for Nestle Fitness.

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