A busy day health wise….

A busy day health wise….

Today started out normally, nothing to report apart from a meeting at pre-school to discuss fund raising ideas. Whilst there my GP’s surgery rang to advise that they had some forms for me to collect for a referral to Ophthalmology for some tests on a birthmark behind my eye. So I headed on to the surgery, remembering on the way that I needed to book a flu vaccination for LissyLou and telling a couple of friends about the vaccination and persuading them to book their little ones in too.

Whilst there I bravely booked my long overdue smear test. I know, I know it’s really important.So when the receptionist booked the appointment for this afternoon I knew I had to face up to the fact that it was happening. For me this was the best way to get it over and done with and the least painful option. As we sat in the waiting room I was thinking, rather morbidly about when these things don’t go well and if you have to look into negligence claims and the such. You hear such terrible horror stories that it’s enough to put you off things like smear tests isn’t it! But I didn’t know until very recently that you can actually sue for solicitor negligence. So if your solicitor doesn’t handle a case properly you have a form of redress against them. Makes you think about the way society is heading and how many negligence  cases are out there to create a need for these things. But anyway, the thought gives me the shivers!

The smear itself was ok, not my preferred afternoon activity but not as unpleasant as it might have been. The nurse also kindly gave LissyLou her flu vaccine whilst we were there which has saved me a trip to the clinic next week. I then also booked an appointment for a review of the pill which again was slightly overdue but I’ve made an appointment for before work tomorrow morning. So what started as no appointments at all ended in two appointments done, one booked and one still to sort. I might even book another to have a flu jab myself, my surgery charge £10 for the vaccination privately so I think it’s probably worth it!

Finally, I’m waiting for a call back to book the Ophthalmology appointment but hopefully I won’t have to wait too long for that appointment and then all the health stuff will be over for a while.

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