When the children just don’t listen…

When the children just don’t listen…

Recently I feel like the children just don’t listen to a word I say. They seem to get rowdier and rowdier and as they do they ignore me more and more.

It’s frustrating, depressing and down right embarrassing. I’m struggling. Honestly, I’m really struggling. I’m in that place where I don’t know quite what I’m going to do about it. I’ve tried shouting *epic fail*, threatening *even worse*, begging *pointless*. Nothing has worked.

Today after yet another round of them ignoring me and frankly just disobeying me I was at the end of my tether. Daddy Ramblings had to jump in and shout. Daddy Ramblings hates shouting. The kids stopped, they stood pretty still and LissyLou started to cry. He told them off and asked them to apologise, when C was a bit overly cheeky and wouldn’t say sorry, so Daddy Ramblings did something very brave. He seriously threatened to throw C’s blanket in the bin. ‘Blankie’ or ‘Blankarino’ as he is sometimes known is C’s only real comforter. He loves it and it’s something very precious. Well the threat worked, C cried and he cried hard. He apologised profusely.

LissyLou started to cry too and begged Daddy not to throw her blanket away too, we were actually surprised that she had understood the implications of this situation so clearly.

Daddy was very sad that he’d had to go so far, it’s not in his nature to be that strict and similarly, we’ve never needed to be that ‘mean’ before. The kids normally behave better than they have recently. It’s not an excuse but I think it could be the first half term catching up on C, he’s seemed very tired, today in particular, and this clearly hasn’t helped his behaviour at all.

I have to say, the rest of the day the kids were very good. I barely had to say anything even remotely negative to either of them. They played nicely together and with me and their manners were fantastic. They were both shattered by 7pm so they also went to bed early tonight too, the bed time routine went smoothly too, C asked for his teeth brushing before he’d even got into bed and even LissyLou didn’t cry when I said it was time to brush her teeth. This is a good night for us!

I hate it when the children just don’t listen and I don’t like that Daddy had to play the bad guy but in all seriousness I don’t think we could have carried on like this any longer. I’m hoping that this good behaviour continues, or at least the poorer behaviour lessens. It’s shattering and it’s saddening. I want my lovely, polite, sweet, well behaved children back!

Any tips on how to get your children to listen? I know it’s just a phase but boy is it a tough one!



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  1. Do you know what, this has made me feel like I’m not alone. What you have describes is EXACTLY what I’m experiencing with my two, the little lady in particular. Lately she disobeys me, doesn’t listen and is rude, and sometimes downright nasty. Hubs has had to get mean a couple of times now, which he doesn’t like as it’s just not him. I’ll be interested to read any tips any one has as her attitude towards me is getting me down at the moment. x

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