Photobox Collage Canvas Giveaway

Photobox Collage Canvas Giveaway

If you look around the walls of our house you can’t help but notice that we are big canvas fans, from artwork to photos of the family we aren’t short of canvases. My favourite one is the one of our family, taken 2 years ago on a holiday to Whitby, it’s of us all on a bench in a lovely garden that was somewhere Daddy Ramblings went with his grandparents as a child. It’s a special place and one of my favourite shots of us as a family, just the sort that you know has to be on the wall.

Photobox Collage Canvas

Photobox have come up with a great new type of canvas, the Photobox Collage Canvas, that allows you to create a collage of your favourite shots, maybe it’s your children growing up, your favourite holiday pictures or maybe just a great mix of your favourite shots. Whatever you choose the great thing about a collage is that you are in control of what pictures to use. I like the fact that you get that freedom to create something really personalised. You can choose from a huge range of layouts and add text to your collage too. It would also make a perfect gift for grandparents!

Photobox Collage Canvas

The prize is one Photobox Collage Canvas, 61×40.6cm and value is £67.99. You will be given a voucher to use to create your masterpiece. This competition is open to UK residents, aged 18 and over only. All Rafflecopter entries will be verified and invalid entries will be discounted. The winner will be contact within 2 days of the end date and will have 10 days to respond before a replacement winner is allocated.

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Photobox Collage Canvas Giveaway — 194 Comments

  1. we went to 3 brilliant festivals this year – Rewind 80s on our own and Glastonbury and Womad with our daughters so a festival theme would be a great reminder of a happy summer

  2. I would have a Christmas theme with all our Christmas photos

    My top tip for photos is to just keep snapping! The more you take the better chance you have of getting good ones (especially with kids)!

  3. I've started to take photographs of the field and a very large tree at the back of my sons house, really enjoying the changes and progression of the photographs. Amazed at how quickly the field changes after ploughing and sowing.

  4. Look your subject in the eye – When taking a picture of someone, hold the camera at their eye level (so if you are photographing kids – get down to their level too!) All by itself that eye level angle will create a personal and inviting feeling that pulls you into the picture 🙂

  5. A top photographer told me that to get good photos of children you need to get down to their level (height wise), it seems a bit obvious but it's something I didn't do very often until I was told that tip.

  6. Definitely my family, I have taken some lovely pictures and have had a few photo books done, but its lovely to have a picture of them on the wall!

  7. my top tip is to avoid asking me to take photos as I always fail in some way, the heads are cropped off or the picture is out of focus etc

  8. Of my daughter, Daisy-May. She’s 6 months old now & because her great grandma lives so far away, she’s only met her once & gets real upset at not being able to see Daisy & watch her grow up. I send her pictures every week. But I think a photobox would be a lovely Christmas present 🙂

  9. We recently found a huge box of slides my dad took in the 60’s and 70’s so I’d love to make a photocollage using some of those.

  10. My theme would be landscape shots, as a budding photographer I have quite a few of these that aren’t bad if I say so myself!

  11. My top tip is to get a bridge camera and once you are comfortable with the auto settings experiment with the manual settings

  12. My tip is to keep as still as possible (especially when taking night shots) and steady the camera by using the viewfinder and holding as close to your body as possible

  13. My theme would be on the day we moved into our first ever house together – it was the best and signalled the start of our new life together. I’d hang it in the hall as a permanent reminder of that every time I walked through the front door!

  14. My tip for getting good photos is to let the children play and just take loads – you always get an amazing one that way 🙂

  15. My top tip would be to spend a bit of time getting to know your equipment, and don’t start trying new things with it on the day where you really want some good shots – practice before then!

  16. I have children, and so many wonderful memories caught on camera, I'd like to bring all my most favourite ones together 🙂

  17. Top tip would be to let my Hubby take the pics! I am well know for cutting tops off peoples heads or taking blurry shots whereas my Hubby takes fantastic pictures even taking the wedding photos for my brothers wedding.

  18. It would be a theme of family holidays. My best tip is to stand facing side on and to put the tongue on the roof of your mouth for a natural smile.

  19. My theme would be Memories of Loved Ones Passed, and I would have photos of those I’ve lost who meant the most, mainly my Mum, but also my dogs that have always helped me through tough times and are greatly missed.

  20. with 4 children im just happy that everyone is still when the photo is took, and we all looking in the same direction lol

  21. My tips are to always try to take some photographs that aren't posed, I love taking photos of my children when they don't know I am doing it, as you really capture the beauty and natural wonder of them.

  22. Photo’s from our holidays – we’ve visited some really lovely places and we never have enough space for the photos’

  23. Mt top tip would be take lots of photos! I tend to find in group pictures 3 people will look nice but the 4th will be pulling a weird face. I just snap off a few photos and there will always be a good one in the pile x

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