Today Was Better

Today Was Better

After yesterday and the first full day in reception and the fact that things didn’t go very well C was understandably nervous this morning before school. I spoke to a few mums in the playground and discovered that C’s lunch experience was not unique, a number of them only ate side salad and went home very hungry.

I think this news actually made me feel more let down. I spoke to the teacher and explained that I was concerned about the lunch time set up and the lunch offering. Luckily, she agreed to look at the way lunch time is supervised and at what children are choosing/eating rather than if they have food on their plates – PHEW!

So today he ate a bread roll (he was very excited about the bread roll), sweetcorn and peas (mixed together, “Mummy they even mixed the peas in the sweetcorn just like you do!”) and beans followed by ice-cream with peaches, I was proud to hear him say he’d tried a tiny bite of peach too.

He seemed happier today, less tired, less stressed and just more settled. I can’t tell you how much better that made me feel.

Onwards and upwards, what will day 3 bring?


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  1. I’m glad the day was better. We’ve done 7 days now and I think we’re over the worst, she said she only felt sad for a little today and only did a little of pretend crying, no real crying. I’m sure by half term they will be settled in and happy.

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