The End Of The Summer

The End Of The Summer

Today is the end of the last full week of the holidays, that means the end of lazy pyjama days, the end of endless cuddles and giggles, the end of deciding when we feel like getting dressed and where we  feel like going and back to earth with a bump. C starts in reception, RECEPTION! Seriously, he is ready but how on earth can he be old enough to be going to big boy school? LissyLou will be back into her regular routine of pre-school and nursery and I’ll be back to work.

No more great days out no more looking for reasonably priced holiday childcare, no more wishing that I could just have half an hour to myself!

Its back to normal, back to reality and we are ready for it! The children are ready to be back in a routine, the lack of structure that the summer brings is hard on children, they miss knowing what they will be doing each day and having to get up and ready early in the morning. In all honesty I think they’ve found the lack of normality unnerving and I know that these normal routines will be the key to getting quickly back into the flow of our normal lives.

I’ve started already by trying to bring forward bed time a bit, in the hope that at least that part of the routine will help the children adjust, LissyLou seems to be dropping her daytime nap too which means that by 7pm she is exhausted and ready to head to bed whereas before now it has been nearer 8pm.

So I guess that’s it then, the end of the summer. It’s been good for us, how was yours?

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