The Ultimate Night In

The Ultimate Night In

When the team at Two Little Fleas challenged bloggers to describe the ultimate night in I knew instantly what would make the ultimate night in for me. I’m not talking any normal night in, I’m talking high end glamour, treating the people I love to a really special evening, filled with dinner and dancing. Basically a mini dinner dance at home with the very best of everything but close to home and in our own back garden.

Starting with clothes I’d dress up, I mean really dress up and I’d expect the family to dress up too. Here’s what I’d choose for our family……

The Ultimate Night In

We’d have a marquee set up in the back yard, full of sparkly lights and candles and with good music playing, it was be elegant, with a delicious meal and plenty of delicious cocktails. The kids would have a table to themselves with mocktails and pizza – I know they would love that, then onto the dancing, lots and lots of dancing. My pinterest board shows the types of things that would make the ultimate night in.

The Ultimate Night In

The Ultimate Night In


I think the ultimate night in would be the ultimate, intimate dinner party with an old fashioned amusements twist! What would your perfect night in entail?

Of course if that’s all a bit too elegant for us then we could just hire a bouncy castle big enough for grown ups too and put on a massive spread of proper party food and invite loads of friends for a fun kiddy party, old fashioned party games like sleeping lions, pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey for the kids and maybe a bucking bronco for the adults. As long as we have friends and family around us it actually wouldn’t matter what the night entailed we would be guaranteed to have a giggle!

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