How to cater for your child’s birthday bash

How to cater for your child’s birthday bash

Perhaps you harbour unfulfilled potential as a party planner, or does the very thought of your little one’s impending celebration leaves you cowering in the corner? Whatever your natural response to your child’s big bash, the day will dawn and you’ll be descended upon by a hoard of mini birthday marauders. Take a deep breath and a step back and consider these key points when planning your child’s birthday party food.

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Timely treats
The time of day you plan to host a party allows you to choose your level of catering. If you opt for early morning or mid-afternoon, snacks and drinks should be sufficient to keep everyone satisfied. If the party is set to run into lunch or teatime, then you’ll need to consider a more substantial spread.

Food for fun
The type of food you serve is likely to be dependant on the age of the children. For babies and toddlers, a nod to some nutritious fare may be the way forward. However, the chance of getting older children to choose carrot sticks over crisps is slim to none. Don’t get carried away being too healthy: sweet treats are a party staple for a special occasion, so the odd bowl of grapes thrown into the mix should suffice.

Nutrition for numbers
Your choice of party food is likely to be dependant on the number of guests. The more children attending, the simpler you should consider making your catering. If you’re only anticipating a handful of little ones, then a cooked meal such as burgers and McCain crispy French fries is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Crispy French fries simply require heating up in the oven, making them easy to prepare and allowing you to focus your full attention on making sure the little ones are having fun. For larger parties, you also have the option of sticking to cold spreads and sandwiches, which can be prepared before the party guests arrive.

Party Places
The type of festive fare you serve is also likely to depend on the party location. If you’re holding the party at home, you may manage with everyone seated around a table and helping themselves to sharing snacks. If space and seating is limited however, an outdoor or carpet picnic may prove more appropriate. Individual food boxes offer a great serving solution and may save on mess and squabbling over sweet treats.
A different venue, such as a village hall or local park, may limit your stress levels when managing messy mayhem. Alternatively, abdicate from the catering altogether. Many venues can provide perfect party food and fun.



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