Wardrobe Overhaul

Wardrobe Overhaul

Now that the shops are all full of pretty autumn/winter clothes I think I’m heading for a wardrobe overhaul. It’s not that I want to be wearing the a/w stuff yet but I need to see what I’ve got that will see me through late summer into a/w. I tend to wear a lot of my clothes all year round, just adding cardies and tights to dresses or long sleeved tshirts under things to make them warm enough. Apart from really flimsy summer dresses there isn’t much I won’t wear once the weather turns colder.

But, I try to treat myself to a few key pieces each season, new clothes tend to give you a boost and definitely give your wardrobe that new feel that is quite empowering.

I love good knitwear, jumpers, cardies and lovely snuggly things, something to cuddle up in and keep you warm against autumn chills and winds. I spotted this jumper from Tesco and LissyLou has already fallen in love with it.


I love these Chelsea Boots, comfy yet good chunky heel, they look perfect for shopping or similar. You can never go wrong with some pretty accessories either, I’m hoping that the hubby won’t notice if I sneak this bag and ring into my collection!

Other wise, I think I could do with some more jeans, just something plain, slim legged, jeans that will go with pretty much anything and for any occasion so that I can justify spending a bit more money and getting some jeans that just fit well and look good. I have to stock up on a load of tights to make sure I can wear my skirts and dresses through winter. I tend to stay safe with good old black but always end up throwing away all my tights at the end of winter because they tend to ladder and snag and look rubbish!x

I guess that’s about it, well until I get to the shops and realise I want everything in sight!

What’s your favourite items of clothing for autumn/winter?

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