Summer Holiday Plans

Summer Holiday Plans

Well, we are one week into the summer holidays, the rest of the break stretching out in front of us right to the horizon. I feel the need to plan our time, partly so we don’t ‘waste’ the time but also partly to stop me from going insane by being couped up at home the whole time.

If you read my post about picnics and baking you will see that we had a very full day on Friday and it was fab, the kids both behave better when they have some structure to their day and dare I say it when they watch less TV.

So I’ve been considering our options for family friendly days out, trying to find the best deals to maximise the summer cash! Daddy Ramblings loves Alton Towers but I wasn’t sure that it was the right choice for our two young children. We considered going away to a holiday park and looked at many different parks and options before deciding that we would rather stick to days out and other activities.

I’m leaning towards a trip to the zoo, or a farm or a really child friendly theme park. It’s a tough choice balancing the cost of the day and how much the whole family will love it. I have promised to take the boys out for afternoon tea too after LissyLou and I had such a lovely time the other day.

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