Picnics and Baking With Flora and Collective Bias #shop #cbias

As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® we enjoyed some fun activities, a picnic and some baking with Flora to pass some time in the summer holidays!

We had a busy morning today, getting up and out of the house to get to the hairdressers for C to have a hair cut. Once his hair looked suitably neater and tidier we headed to the supermarket to pick up some shopping to feed us and keep us busy for the day. You can see how we got on at Tesco’s in the google plus album

Picnics and Baking with Flora

LissyLou showing off one of her new toy cars in the car

Having survived the whole first week of the holidays it seemed only fitting to celebrate with some fun and a picnic lunch. We had been expecting rain every day this week but actually we’ve faired quite well so I’d prepared some of our favourite rainy day activities which thankfully we haven’t needed to really use!

So, I set up our toy car wash (a firm favourite) for the children to wash their new toy cars along with some old favourites, this can easily be done outside but at least by being on the patio I’m not worried about spilled water! I also marked out a race track and a car park on the patio with masking tape, to make the game more fun and this is easily done inside if the weather is poor. Luckily the sunshine today meant that the cars dried quickly too!

Picnics and Baking With Flora

Racing track and car park made with masking tape

Picnics and Baking With Flora

Make sure you follow the arrows on the floor of the car park!

Picnics and Baking with Flora

LissyLou had a whale of a time playing with the cars and water

Next up I set about creating a picnic whilst the children played, keeping a close eye on proceedings to ensure they played nicely and safely. No fights today though, they were having too much fun. We decided that sandwiches, snacks and fruit were the necessary parts of our picnic and they made light work of our little feast! One of the great things about picnics is that you can serve everything ‘family style’ and the children can help themselves. C and LissyLou love the freedom this way of eating offers!

Picnics and Baking With Flora

Picnic ingredients laid out ready to go

Picnics and Baking With Flora

Getting ready to make sandwiches with Flora (strawberry jam is a current favourite filling)

Picnics and Baking With Flora

We invited some friends in the form of Teddington, Nemo and Scratch the dog

Picnics and Baking with Flora

Heading straight for the fruit, the added bonus of choosing your own food is what order you eat it in!

Picnics and Baking With Flora

Even Scratch got stuck into the food

Once LissyLou was safely tucked up in bed for her nap, C and I quickly set about making buns, we cheated and used a kit because the children like those little edible pictures you get in these boxes. You also get an activity sheet and stickers in this box which helped pass the time while the buns baked. We used the Flora in the baking, which is perfect because it quickly softens at room temperature which means its ready to use within minutes, particularly at this time of year.

Picnics and Baking With Flora

Excited to start baking!

Once the buns had baked and cooled we moved into the garden again to enjoy the sunshine and decorate the buns. I’d stocked up on some icing pens and I let the kids loose with creating their master pieces. We’ve done this before with value buns from Tesco and it’s the perfect way to let them create something with minimal mess!

Picnics and Baking With Flora

Decorating their buns in the sunshine

Picnic and Baking With Flora

A finished masterpiece

Our final activity was to paint the sun catchers we’d bought at Tescos. The kids loved this because they were free to paint them as they chose, the paint did dye their skin but I had a mini sink on hand to wash the worst off and then a quick bath later and they were clean and back to normal!

Picnics and Baking With Flora

Painting sun catchers

Picnics and Baking With Flora

Mini sink ready to go, quick and easy way to clean them up!

We’ve had a great day and it’s made me realise how nice it is not to watch much TV and to play in the garden too! Thanks to Flora and Collective Bias for helping me to refocus and enjoy doing some activities, a great end to the week!


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