Our Devon Holiday

Our Devon Holiday

We’ve just got back from a great Devon holiday. We booked a cottage near Barnstaple to give us a good base to explore North Devon. Corffe Hill Cottages was beautiful, a well equipped small holiday complex with a selection of cottages based around a central courtyard. We were in number 8, which was a lovely 2 bedroomed cottage. The children loved sharing a room and sleeping in bunk beds. The facilities were great with bbq’s supplied and the courtyard seating area was perfect to enjoy them. The pool was lovely and warm and we swam every day.

Devon holiday

One of the best things about Corffe Hill cottages was the grounds, from the tennis court to the secret passages and wooden fort hidden in the trees, Corffe Hill was a fantastic place to stay with children. It’s the little touches that make you remember places and one of our favourite things was the lovely telephone box library, a simple idea that went down a treat with C and LissyLou, containing both kids and adults books along with dvds it provided a welcome way to pass some time!

Devon Holiday


In terms of activities we tried to cover a range of different things, all suitable for under 5’s, we had a great time and I can share some good tips below for you:

Atlantis Adventure Park

Jumping pillows, a maze, adventure play, panning for gold and rides too! We spent a great afternoon at Atlantis Adventure Park, make sure you pick up a leaflet before you go in to take advantage of the free gift (the children both got lovely TY beanie toys!). You can also go back for 1/2 price in the week after your 1st visit.

Devon Holiday

We took LissyLou for her first ever bowling trip, C had been before but LissyLou hadn’t had the chance to go. We had a blast, all taking turns to play, Daddy being overly competitive and LissyLou only wanting to use pink bowling bowls!

Devon Holiday

Crealy Devon

Before we went on holiday I exchanged my Tesco Clubcard vouchers for Theme Park tickets, £12.50 in Clubcard vouchers gave us £50 in theme park tickets. This covered the full cost of entry for 2 adults and a 4yr old (children under 92cm are free – LissyLou is 86cm). Once you’ve paid for entry you have your photos taken and then you can reenter for free for 1 week. We went twice because we had enjoyed ourself so much the first day.

Crealy is perfect for little ones with theme park rides, indoor soft play, outdoor adventure play, rides, shows, animals and more. LissyLou was too small for quite a lot of the rides but she loved the Buddy Bear show and seeing the animals.

Devon Holiday


We felt that food in the park was reasonably priced for a theme park, lunch for us all cost £20 but was nice and good quality.The 2nd day however we took a picnic to take advantage of all the picnic spots available at Crealy. We really enjoyed our picnic and it meant that we had plenty of food, snacks and drinks and we actually only bought one extra drink because it was so hot!

There are a number of things to do at Crealy that aren’t included in your entry fee so do make sure you take a stash of pound coins to pay for those if you want to do them. We all enjoyed the motorised ride ons (£1 a go) and C and Daddy loved the Grand Prix (£4 for a double car). You of course don’t have to do these things but we wanted to, plus we’d saved on entry to we weren’t bothered by spending the extra.

Devon Holiday


C loved Maximus, a fast roller coaster train, he even made me go on, and wouldn’t let me hold onto him at all. He’s a real adrenalin junkie! He also loved the Vortex slides, you sit in a dingy and they are water powered so they are really quick – even I liked those! On our second day C and Daddy had an accident on one of the slides and the park staff acted very quickly and the first aider was brilliant at looking after C. Sadly Daddy’s glasses got damaged though which was annoying! But they were both very brave during what was a very scary accident and thankfully neither was seriously hurt. We loved Crealy though and would highly recommend it!

Devon Holiday


Tunnels Beaches

Tunnels beaches in Ilfracombe is something a bit special. It’s a network of hand carved tunnels that lead through to a victorian tidal bathing pool and pebbled beaches. If you like history then you can read all the old newspaper articles and revel in the history. If you like paddling, throwing stones in the water and looking for sea snails then there’s plenty of fun to be had! Ilfracombe itself is a lovely seaside town and we enjoyed a walk around and a visit to the arcades, there are plenty of tearooms to try out a lovely cream tea too! We went to The Tea Garden and enjoyed drinks and cakes and we were not disappointed, large slices of cake, a delicious cream tea and good coffee!

Devon Holiday

Devon Holiday


Westward Ho!

We loved Westward Ho! It has a great children’s play area, good beach, arcades and The Pier House where we enjoyed a fantastic lunch. The Pier House is right on the front overlooking the sea and was a perfect location, beautiful inside and the food was great! The mussels in particular were heavenly and everyone enjoyed a huge lunch!

These are just some of the highlights from our time in Devon, I could spend all day telling you about it and the other things we did but I think this post would last far too long! We had a fantastic time on our Devon Holiday and we look forward to going again at some point!


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  1. Sounds like a fab family holiday. Glad you had a lovely time.

    Sorry R and C had an accident. Sounds scary, so glad they are both ok x

  2. It looks a brilliant holiday, we love Devon it’s a magical place…especially when the weather is fab. Never heard of the tunnels beaches, love those. Great post 🙂

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