Pork Farms Hamper Giveaway!

Pork Farms Hamper Giveaway!

Pork Farms are the UK’s best selling pork pies, offering the perfect balance between pork, pastry, jelly and pepper and in a range of flavour combinations, it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

Over the next three months, Pork Farms is giving everyone that purchases one of their delicious pork pies the chance to win £100 every day, and the chance to win a £2,500 jackpot, by sharing details of their pork pie eating habits in 30 words or less at www.yourpieyourway.co.uk . Pork Farms pork pies are very versatile. Whether paired with peas, smothered with tangy pickle, shared with friends, or gobbled on the run, there are many ways to enjoy one of the nation’s favourite snacks. 

Daddy Ramblings is a big pork pie fan and has to eat them with brown sauce. I love mine with mushy pies, steaming hot and obviously on bonfire night! It’s one of those things that’s great for picnics because they travel well and can be eaten by one person or shared by many.

A recent survey asked people how they eat a pork pie and you can see the varied response below:

1 – On its own – 20 per cent

2 – Pickle – 13 per cent

3 – Mustard – 11 per cent

4 – Brown sauce – 8 per cent

5 – Salad – 8 per cent

6 – Chutney – 7 per cent

7 – Tomato sauce – 7 per cent

8 – Cheese – 3 per cent

9 – Salad Cream – 3 per cent

10 – Baked beans, crisps, gravy, mushy peas – 2 per cent of the votes each

I don’t think any of those are ground breaking but it might give you a different way to try your pie!

I’m pleased to offer you the chance to win a fantastic hamper from Park Farms.The winner will receive a fab foodie hamper filled with picnic goodies and delicious accompaniments to eat with pork pies (including mustard, chutney, balsamic glaze, chilli sauce and more!)

Pork Farms Hamper Giveaway

You can also download a £1 coupon by visiting the Pork Farms Facebook page

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  1. I like to eat my pork pies with gherkins and the pickled cabbage I make from my own grown red cabbages. The only other things that are needed are a glass of cider and a jar of English Mustard!

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