Stunning summer layers

Stunning summer layers

We tend to think of layering as an autumn and winter pursuit, but actually, summer layering can be just as useful – particularly when the weather is difficult to predict. A well-planned wardrobe will let you layer for chillier days but have the option to bare some more skin if the sun pops out. And with layering in general being pretty on-trend this summer, it’s a fashion must as well as a handy way to cover up.

Of course, you might not want to go with full-on layering if you work in an office, but for socialising and holidays, there are lots of ways to use layers to your advantage. Done well, they work perfectly with jeans, chinos for women from Cotton Traders, shorts and skirts, so you have plenty of versatile options. For summer, you want your bottom layer to be one that you don’t mind people seeing, so it’s a good idea to invest in some spaghetti string vests in a variety of colours so that you look fresh and vibrant from the very beginning.

Linen is a great fabric for summer because it is so lightweight, cool and easy to wear. Try layering a loose linen shirt or tunic over your vest top. The longer length helps to elongate your body, and give you a floating hem line. Choose a round-collared linen top or shirt for a softer look, or shirts with a traditional collar if you’d like to look a little smarter.

Lightweight knitwear is perfect for summer, and from button-down cardigans to loose-knitted baggy jumpers, there’s a top layer for everyone. Just don’t go too chunky, as this will add bulk rather than a flattering layer. There are plenty of sweaters, cardigans and jumpers out there that will add a great top layer for days when the sun isn’t coming out to play, or for evenings when the breeze picks up.

And finally, you can always pop a jacket on to make things a little more formal. Even a good denim jacket will work well over a skirt and layered tops, but you can go smarter with a tailored blazer, or keep with the linen look and add a short-sleeved jacket. However you plan to layer this summer, there’s certainly no shortage of options. From bright, bold colours and geometric stripes to pretty patterns and the season’s other main trend, monochrome, there’s something to please everyone – whatever the weather. Click here for more information on ladies blouses from Cotton Traders.

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