A Weekend Alone With The Kids

A Weekend Alone With The Kids

This weekend I’ve been alone with the kids whilst the hubby headed off to sunny Spain on a golfing weekend with the boys. I was fine with him going, I can manage the kids by myself but what has been the hardest part has definitely been managing two children who miss their daddy. They’ve asked after him a lot and we’ve had some tears but luckily he’s back tonight so they can spend some time with him tomorrow given that it’s school holidays.

I’ve tried to keep them busy and because the weather has been good we’ve spent lots of time enjoying the garden, making the most of the fact that it was warm and that we have the garden and the summer house to play in. Sometimes it’s the simplest activities that they enjoy the most. Playing with cars of the patio, pushing a pram, playing football or catch. Enjoying an ice cream or snacks al fresco. Just good fun.


Friday night was just LissyLou and I and we went out for tea for a mummy and daughter night. It was lovely, not only was the food delicious (Beefeater Halifax – if you haven’t been I highly recommend it) but we had loads of fun, LissyLou fell in love with our waiter and kept giggling and blushing when he came near! The kids meal was huge and as you can see from this pic the pudding was pretty great!


Today, Grandma took us to an ice cream parlour for lunch, the children love to play there on the outdoor playground and of course an ice cream helps to make the day complete. The wind made it a bit too cold at times though and now as I type this it is overcast and threatening rain which means we are settled watching a movie, The Lorax which is C’s new favourite, the toys need tidying again and the floors need a vac but for now I’m enjoying the last of our weekend alone!

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