Consider a trip to Lapland to celebrate Christmas in 2013

Consider a trip to Lapland to celebrate Christmas in 2013

Picture a magical town where Santa and Mrs. Claus live, elves sing to themselves as they make toys, and flying reindeer wait in the stables for their enchanted flight. Holidays to Lapland in Finland capture the wonder of Christmas, and there are plenty of winter activities available for those of you looking to start saving for a break later this year. Many of you may be thinking that Christmas is still months away, however, it’s never too early to start planning in order to organise your finances in advance.


Parents seeking a destination to spark their child’s imagination should definitely consider Lapland. Above the Arctic Circle, the region is known for its reindeer sleigh rides – before snowmobiles, goods and people were transported by reindeer-drawn sleds. The tradition is upheld every winter, so visitors to the area can partake in a journey across the snowy winter wonderland. You can also take a trip to a reindeer farm so the kids can interact with reindeers up close and learn more about them. Maybe you’ll even see Rudolph with his red nose so bright.


The snowy surroundings and green pines perfectly set the scene for meeting Santa. Visit Santa Claus’s village in Rovaniemi in Lapland, a quaint town where kids can visit Father Christmas’s home, hang out with the elves, and send greetings to relatives or friends with the Santa Claus Post Office postmark. Alternatively think about trying the Sarriselka toboggan ride, the longest in Finland!


Both parents and children alike will love witnessing the beauty of the Northern Lights as they illuminate the sky. The lights are only visible at the poles and only at certain times of the year, so most people never get the chance to view this incredible natural phenomenon in person. The billowing streaks of green light across a dark navy sky are especially vibrant in Lapland, so if possible, you should try to coordinate your visit with the lights. Watching them dance across the sky makes the Finnish legend seem particularly apt – that the trails were formed by an Arctic Fox running so fast its tail knocked snow across the sky. There’s definitely something mystical about standing in an empty snow-filled glade and looking up at the shimmering colours. Kids will also love learning about the science of the lights.


Holidays in Lapland are full of the majestic beauty of nature and fun for children of all ages. Your kids will enjoy learning about the Finnish culture and traditions and will get to tell all their friends about the time they got to meet Santa.

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