LissyLou and Imaginative Play

LissyLou and Imaginative Play

I’ve written before about imaginative play. I love watching the children play and come up with stories and characters during imaginative play. It’s something I actively encourage as an activity that encourages creativity, free play and fun. Today LissyLou was playing with her Cosy Coupe and came out with ;

“Oh poop they don’t have any diesel!”

Ooops, so she heard me saying that at the garage the other day then!

Imaginative Play

Then she moved on to play with her two favourite dolls, Emily and Annie. Apparently Annie had punched Emily so she had to say sorry, she made them kiss and cuddle then put Annie on the naughty step ;

“for 7, 8, 2 minutes for being naughty to your sister”

Imaginative Play

Then she was playing with Emily nicely and I heard;

” Emily, I can’t shut your head in the fridge you sausage”

Uh oh, someone listens and take in more than I thought!!


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