Mummies Can Be Fashionable Too

Mummies Can Be Fashionable Too

With four kids at home, she barely has the time to comb her hair; still, she manages to not only push a brush through but straightens her lovely curls and establishes a daily ensemble that wows all who see.  She doesn’t wear high heels or pearls, pencil skirts or sexy hose, but she does manage to look comfortable, chic and stylish, even while holding a child in one arm and reaching for a box of cereal with the other. This is the “comfy/fashion” mum.

Mummies Can Be Fashionable Too

It’s not as easy as you think – in fact, it may be harder to dress nice at home than it is for work.  When dressing for work you have specific clothes that look good in a business or teaching environment, but those clothes won’t work while changing diapers, doing the dishes or buying groceries. What you need to do is plan ahead and prepare for those daily adventures that require move-ability, comfort, drips and drops, and still look good.

Upstairs in her closet you can see a distinct difference from those that used to be worn for work and the clothes she wears on a daily basis.  The obvious difference is the shrinking number of those professional styles and the growing number of fashionable chic, everyday-clothes she looks good in.  It took some time but eventually all the clothes were separated and those with “promise” were kept while many of the stylish, work clothes were given away.  Those were the clothes that were not machine washable, not comfortable, and could not survive the ever changing styles.

There are a lot of styles out there but they must be washable, comfortable and they have to look great.  Not only does she look great, she does it mostly on the cheap.  Shopping at Nordstrom’s Rack and few selected second hand boutiques provides her with a good source of quality merchandise to choose from. She and her friends also swap and trade clothes in order to expand their options, taking the little kids with them to thrift stores to search and compare for fun outfits for them. Kids love wearing clothes from their favourite shows like Adventure Time, iCarly, or even Spongebob.

It’s not about the money, it’s about the style.  It’s not about the price you pay; it’s more about how you wear what you have.  There are hundreds of ways to look good and there are many ways to find out how to look good.  Internet sites like Pinterest provide many ideas on how to look stylish on a budget and how to incorporate style from what you have and even how to change a style to fit your needs.

Mummies Can Be Fashionable Too

Weekend Look by suburbanmummy 

She is nowhere near the dowdy or frumpy mother, harangued by her children or husband.  She is a talented, well-read, home-making entrepreneur who has made the conscious choice to stay home but to do so with style and the grace of the best runway models of Paris; but unlike those models, she’s not only stylish – she’s also comfortable because mummies can be fashionable too.

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