Vanish Review

Vanish Review

With two small children in the house stains are no stranger to me! If there’s dirt, muck of food to be spilled then C and LissyLou will be right there in the thick of it. So my washing machine is on a lot of the time but there’s nothing worse than getting things out of the washing machine and finding they are still stained. That’s where Vanish comes in, with a huge range of stain removers there’s not much that Vanish doesn’t try to take on (or should that be off?) in terms of stains. Stain removal is one of those things that you just know can be tricky!



As you can see, stains are par for the course! Check out this post about stains that C has created in the past

When the Vanish arrived I was amazed to find that we didn’t have any good stains ready to go, in fact I was disappointed. I needn’t have been, it took LissyLou about an hour to spill a good cup of juice down herself, making this attractive stain that screams “You’ll never get me out!”. But I threw them in the wash along with a scoop of the Vanish Oxi Action powder and I’m pleased to say they came out clean as a whistle! Check out the photos below to see it!

PicMonkey Collage

So as you can see it stood up well to the blackcurrant test! All you do is add a scoop on top of your washing powder so it’s not complicated.

I also tried the Vanish Carpet Foam and found it great for getting rid of small stains on the carpet, easy to use and effective! At the moment with all the snow and grit that gets dragged into the house I think it will be used a lot more over the coming weeks!

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