Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning, it’s just a myth right? Are there people out there who still do a traditional spring clean? I’ve always been a bit bewildered by the concept , do these people do one deep clean each year? Or is it different things to the rest of the year?

I’ve been a bit taken in by spring cleaning, well actually in my case it’s probably more that storage needs re-organising and toys need culling. I started with sorting out C’s wardrobe because all of a sudden half his trousers are too short. I decided that the only way to tackle this was to measure them all up to him and split them into piles that fit and piles that didn’t. It gave me a chance to really see what he had left that fits and therefore what he needs to bulk his wardrobe out. It was a good exercise, I ended up with a bag for the bin, a bag for charity and the leftovers weren’t as bad as I thought. He definitely has enough clothes to manage with, all we have to hope now is that he doesn’t grow out of his school uniform before the end of the school year!

The children both have enough toys to fill a toy shop so I really need to clear out and throw away the broken toys, pass on the toys that are no longer suitable and then we will have more space and we will be able to get to the toys they have. In fact when we get to the bottom of the boxes it will be like the children have new toys!

Next I moved on to the kitchen, I’m currently testing a new steam cleaner so I thought what better way to put it through it’s places than the oven and hob. So I set about cleaning both today and I have to say it was quite satisfying, there’s something about cleaning grease that is just right!

I’ve also got to clear out the finances box, once a year at the end of the tax year I sort out all my bank statements, check balances, sort out utility bills moving providers if applicable and switching tariffs. It’s a ball ache to be quite honest but it can save you some money and in terms of house insurance and gas/electric it can leave you much better off. I liked this article on Spring Cleaning Your Finances that talks about all the things you can do to clean up your financial act, well if you are cleaning your home you might as well have clean accounts too! They have a great budget tool on there too which I’m going to look at to see where I can shave a bit off our spending. Well any areas that I can improve is more money for spending in summer isn’t it?

Are you spring cleaning? Either your home or your finances, do you have any tips to share? I’d love to hear them!

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