School Uniform Trends

School Uniform Trends

Although trends and uniforms don’t seem to belong in the same title, students have always found ways to showcase their individual style even within a strict dress code. From rolling up skirts to choosing stylishly skinny ties, students have created their own trends within the framework of uniform requirements. Young people love to show off their individualism and will do so at whatever cost. One trend is to mark personal items with school name tags for uniforms. Because it is a requirement to label clothing, this can be made a great deal more fun with pops of colour or trendy patterns.

School Uniform Trends

It’s how you wear it that counts!

Another trend is to choose natural, luxurious materials for school clothing. Gone are the days of itchy polyester. You’ll see more students meeting the dress code wearing comfy organic cotton, cashmere, and linen materials rather than overly stiff synthetics. Students are often required to wear the school’s official colours in their uniforms, but they can make this look edgier with their own accessories. Striped scarves, patterned overcoats, and iron-on name tags can be used to regain a sense of individualism.
A final trend that has picked up speed is the inclusion of reflective strips in uniform materials. This isn’t something that students have necessarily chosen to wear. Yet in the interest of safety you’ll see more uniform manufacturers working reflective materials into the typical uniform to help prevent accidents as children cross the road in the dark. On cold, dark winter mornings or on gloomy, rainy days, it makes sense to make children more visible with reflective scarves or trim on their schoolbags. On the other hand, over summer, if you are looking for simpler but more colourful tags you might want to have a look at kids’ labels with mynametags.
Whether these trends are born out of practicality or individualism, school uniform manufacturers are following suit. There are now more uniform businesses than ever, all of whom are competing to create reasonably priced, comfortable and stylish uniforms for schools. Trends started at school have even made their way to the high street, with no shortage of pleated skirts and V-neck jumpers. Wearing a uniform can be trendy as its own statement nowadays.

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