Is it spring yet?

Is it spring yet?

Is it just me or are you fed up of the cold weather too. Here’s me sat thinking “Hooray the weather is improving” and planning on a small shopping spree to get the children some spring/summer clothes and then the weather turns again and low and behold snow, ice and freezing temperatures are on the way again. I was really hoping that it was nearly spring. A week of warmer weather and I felt better, happier and more relaxed. There is something about spring that just makes me happy, seeing the sun again and losing some of the winter layers is just what the doctor ordered after a pretty rubbish winter for illness in our house so it’s fair to say I’m disappointed that spring seems to be disappearing!

So even though Mother Nature seems to have changed her mind about spring I haven’t! I decided that the shops are full of lovely spring clothes for a reason so I wanted to have some ideas for the childrens wardrobes and maybe go for a different look for them this spring. My first choice for LissyLou involves this super cute Hello Kitty Vans from BANK, and shorts and top from Next. I think LissyLou would like it because it’s comfy and easy to wear but will look great.


Little girls outfit - cool

Then I saw this beautiful dress from Next and couldn’t help but fall in love with it even though I know that it will get filthy because it’s white! I think LissyLou would look really pretty in this outfit and just love those pretty jelly shoes and this gorgeous bright blue cardigan from Zara

Pretty in Blue

Have you seen any items that you think are must haves for LissyLou this spring/summer?

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