Bubble by Njoy & Petite Star Review

Bubble by Njoy & Petite Star Review

The Bubble by Njoy & Petite Star is an umbrella stroller, suitable from birth. It’s also the only pushchair of it’s kind in the UK because it has a reversible seat and can be folded with the seat facing forward or rear facing. It takes literally a minute to change the direction of travel for your baby toddler. Perfect for LissyLou who loves to forward face when she is awake but prefers rear facing for when she is tired!  

It really is easy to turn round involving a simple squeeze of a lever and it’s done, then you just pop the hood on to face the right way which takes a few seconds more. It has three different recline positions and it will fold in any of the positions too, making it really simple to use. It folds in the classic umbrella style and is slim for storage once folded too!

Bubble by Njoy


We put it in the footwell of the car when we went away and it fit easily and left loads of room for the childrens legs. I love the comfy padded seat that the Bubble offers, it seems comfier than other umbrella strollers I’ve seen and because it fully reclines and comes with a baby nest it would be fine for smaller babies. It has a small basket which is useful for storing a few essential items and is accessible via zip down sides which means you can get more in it than first appears. The padded handles on the Bubble make it nice to push and it’s lightweight nature due to being an umbrella fold make it easy to push! You don’t even notice the weight of a toddler in it!

Bubble by Njoy

We’ve used the Bubble a lot and it’s even ok in light snow (1-2cm) and the raincover offers great protection from the elements! In summer the large canopy would offer good protection from the sun and because you can quickly switch from forward to rear facing you could easily turn the pram to remove baby from sun light as required!


We used it at Disneyland Paris and found that it was perfect in crowds because it has a narrow footprint and it must have been comfy because LissyLou fell asleep in it a couple of times while we were there. It’s ideal for towns and cities.

Bubble by Njoy

We love the Bubble it’s really easy to use and very flexible. I highly recommend it, it’s ideal for slightly older babies and toddlers and would easily accommodate a preschooler if needed.It retails at £199.99 which I thought was very reasonable given the quality and flexiblity of the Bubble and is available from Argos and other big retailers.

We were sent the Bubble by Njoy & Petite Star for the purposes of this review



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