Nights Out? What are those?

Nights Out? What are those?

I use to love a good night out. Getting glammed up, heels on, ready for a cocktail and a boogie. Nowadays you’re more likely to find me curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a good movie on TV though. On the rare occasions I do go out I’ve found myself thinking I’m too old for this, my feet hurt and when’s it time to go home! It seems I’m not alone either. I recently read a survey from Ladbrokes Bingo on girl’s nights out and how women feel about them and it seems that the things that cause the most annoyance for us are being caught in the rain before the night has really begun, drinks being spilled on you and sore feet. I think all those things would be pretty high up on my list! Well that and having to find a babysitter!


One of the best nights out I ever had was probably 13 years ago when I first hooked up with Daddy Ramblings. It’s far to say it wasn’t a very conventional night out and some might say I was mad to want a date with the guy who kept burning his elbow on the radiator in the curry house at the end of the night and throwing curry everywhere. But it was the start of us and for me it will always be one of the best nights out I’ve ever had. I must have been a bit drunk though! I remember I was wearing a new top that night and felt confident and happy, it’s amazing what clothes can do to improve your mood for a night out.

I love shopping for a night out, there’s something about choosing something new that makes the prospect of a night out so much sweeter. I’ve been doing a little window shopping to look for some new going out shoes, well I need something to go with my new top don’t I? I bought this fab new top from Next and I thought if I paired it with jeans and some new heels that I’d be good to go.

What do you think of these little beauties? I love them but worry that they are a bit too high for dancing? After having severe SPD with LissyLou I can’t wear as high heels as I’d like to any more!


I do like this classic patent wedges though, easier to walk in and will go with everything too!



Now all I need is a night out to wear them on!

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