My Interflora Creation Review

My Interflora Creation Review

Interflora have created a new tool to help you create the perfect bouquet. When you try My Interflora Creation it’s really easy to use. You basically drag the flowers and foliage you like onto the vase and the price goes up as you add things, meaning you know exactly what you are getting and exactly how much it will cost. I’ve become a bit obsessed with designing bouquets and to be honest I’ve really enjoyed playing with the My Interflora Creation tool!

It offers useful tips and hints to help you create your perfect bouquet, did you know for example that by adding Freesias (my favourite flower) to your bouquet you not only make it look beautiful you also add a lovely scent!

This is my first creation, featuring lovely bright yellow for that perfect brighten your day feeling. I love the overall feel of this bouquet and it  just makes me smile!My Interflora Creation Review This second bouquet has a softer feel, full of pretty pinks and purples and a true vintage style. I think my mum would love this one for Mother’s Day.

My Interflora Creation Review


I highly recommend you check out the My Interflora Creation Review, it’s easy to use and you will end up with a really unique bouquet that meets your needs exactly. Treat your mum this mothers day!

I received a voucher so I can create a Mother’s Day Bouquet myself using the My Interflora Creation tool

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