London Best Pics

London Best Pics

London best pics – advantages of digital cameras over smartphone cameras

The boom in the last five or so years in smartphones has seen all the phone manufacturers try to outdo each other with new features. Bigger screens, more memory and better social integration are just some of them but a feature that prompts many people to choose one phone over the next is the quality of its camera. Yet, even with an 8 megapixel camera, phones can struggle to match the quality and refinement offered by a dedicated digital camera.

When photographing exciting cities such as London, few devices beat a smartphone – and here’s why:

Optical zoom

Perhaps the main thing that smartphone cameras do not have and might never have is optical zoom. They usually offer digital zoom but that is nothing compared to the optical zoom a digital camera can offer.

Picture it: you are on a day trip to London and want to shoot the skyline as a lasting memory of your day but are unable to zoom in optically. When it comes to editing, you will not be able to see enough detail and this will leave you with an inferior image.

London Best Pics


Accessories designed for smartphones come in many forms but there are plenty of popular accessories designed for digital cameras to help you get more from it. The more serious digital camera user can buy extras such as tripods, touchscreen and Wi-Fi compatibility to help take better photos and utilise the camera for various functions.

Better editing

Phones have always had and still do suffer from limited editing options. They have improved in the last couple of years but for high-quality images a digital camera and Photoshop on your computer is needed. The editing software that comes with smartphones might do basic cropping but you can only create a really fantastic London photo album with a digital camera.

London Best Pics

Night shots

Due to the limited aperture on smartphones, you might as well go home when the light dims in London. If you intend to stay and take shots of the Piccadilly Circus lights after hours then a digital camera is a must.

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