Designing the perfect kids bedroom

Designing the perfect kids bedroom

Designing a children’s bedroom is unlike any other home project you’ll tackle. Whilst you want to make sure to keep the look fun and kid-friendly, there are functional aspects to think about, such as storage and how to accommodate a quickly changing little person. No matter what age your child is, these five tips should help you create a room that’s exciting to live in and easy to keep up with.

Don’t fret over furniture. It’s true that you will need a few pieces when baby comes home from hospital, namely a changing table, an armchair for feedings and a crib or bassinet. But if you’re a new parent, you’ll quickly be astonished by how fast your child will grow. Before you know it, you’ll be making the room over for a toddler, and then again for a a school aged child. Because of this, it’s better to be creative with do-it-yourself decor that can be easily–and inexpensively–replaced.

Your decoration can be as functional as it is colourful. From your child’s birth to his or her tweens, you’ll likely be searching for a neat way to store toys and games without disrupting the bedroom’s decor. However, I quickly realised with my own children that I could avoid a lot of stress and time by using these fun pieces as decor. Install a fixed wall shelf or hooks to keep toys in place when your child isn’t using them, and you’ll find that this is also an easy to set the tone for the room’s decor.

Think up. In addition to installing ceiling lights, you can use this space to add dimension and excitement to the look of your kid’s room. We posted glow in the dark stars and planets on our little one’s room that make bedtime really fun.

Personalise it with photos. If your child is past the toddler age, incorporating favourite snapshots is actually easier to do with his or her room decor than anywhere else in your home. You can even let your child be a part of the decorating by making an arts and crafts project. Make it a game to see how creative you can get with making photo frames with paint, glitter, tissue paper or even paper mache. And if you’re still looking for a big centrepiece for a wall, you could make a giant photo collage using the same techniques.

Don’t overlook window treatments. It can be tempting to choose white or some other neutral tone for window treatments after putting so much effort into the rest of the decor. But window treatments can make or break the look of a room, so make sure to choose a colour or pattern that combines well with the photos, toys and bedding. This is the one place where it’s okay to use bright curtains, so don’t limit yourself when you go shopping for shades.

Designing the perfect kids bedroom

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