2nd Birthday

2nd Birthday

This week it will be LissyLou’s 2nd Birthday. It brings with it a raft of different emotions. I’m amazed at how quickly these 2 years have gone, it really seems just 2 minutes since she was born. I guess her 2nd Birthday is making me realise that she is a little girl now, no longer a little baby. She even starts pre-school next week which is really scary.

Yes, I’m proud of her, she is blossoming into a lovely little girl, yes she has a temper and is very demanding of attention and yes she does expect to get her own way constantly (frankly which 2yr old doesn’t!) but she is really growing up. I’m constantly surprised by her speech, the phrases she comes out with and the fact that already we can have conversations, it’s really quite outstanding.

So the presents have been bought, a card has been chosed, I even looked at personalised wrapping paper in the quest for birthday perfection. The table is now laden with gifts, breakfast is planned and the cake is good to go! We had to buy two cakes, one to take to nursery which by LissyLou’s orders had to be covered in sweets. She pondered for a long time in the shop looking at character cakes, chocolate or victoria sponge etc but her heart was firmly set upon the cake covered in sweets. I planned to bake a chocolate cake as I normally do for the children’s birthdays but time hasn’t been on my side for baking so just this once I’ve cheated and resorted to a shop bought chocolate cake. Luckily my sister had the same one for her birthday so I know it will be delicious. It also saves on washing up which can never be a bad thing.

2nd Birthday

So here’s to LissyLou’s 2nd Birthday, everything that brings and everything the next year brings. I love you LissyLou, thank you for being our princess xxxxxxxxx

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