Dressing Up and Imaginative Play

Dressing Up and Imaginative Play

Both children have recently discovered the art of dressing up. They are both good at imaginative play and seem to have great imaginations but it’s lovely to see them wanting to dress up and act like the characters they are dressing up like. C got a new pirate outfit this weekend and he loves it, he didn’t take it off for about 6 hours and hardly broke character once even telling us to call him Pirate Captain C if we slipped up and referred to him by his real name!

Dressing Up and Imaginative Play

I think we know what sort of things he wants for his birthday this year, we are even thinking of installing a rail under his bed to hang them up!

Dressing Up and Imaginative Play

LissyLou in true girlie style loves to dress up as a princess or a fairy and we are having some family photos done soon so I’m hoping we can bring along their costumes and have some fun shots done!

Dressing Up and Imaginative PlayI’m really enjoying watching them both in this phase, where everything is an opportunity to dress up and they love being different characters, it’s great!



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