A waiting game

A waiting game

It’s that big point in any child’s life, the time where you play a waiting game. A waiting game that leaves mums and dads on edge, worrying and waiting. Worrying and waiting for that date in April, that date when you find out if your child has a place at the school of your choice. We’ve gone out on a limb really and only given one choice, we have no back up!


A waiting game
We thought for a long time about the other schools in our area but the school in our village feels like the only choice. We want our son to walk to school, to go to school with his friends and we want him to go to the same school as he goes to nursery. We feel that this is the only school in the area that we would want to send him to and if he doesn’t get a place then I guess I will be home schooling! The thought of home schooling really fills me with dread so I have everything crossed that he gets that place.

I remember waiting to find out about my place for secondary school. I’d sat the entrance exam for my favourite school and really wanted to go. I had a tutor to help get me through the exam and maths courses to make sure that I was at the top of my game. The day finally came and the letter dropped on the mat, I’d passed the exam and been awarded a place at the school. I was thrilled, I remember being really proud of myself and glad to be going to the school that reminded me of a castle! I hope in the future that C and LissyLou both get to go to a good school. I was lucky to go to great schools and I want the same for my children. The only difference is that I would love them both to go to university (if they want to) because I feel I missed out by not going. So it’s a waiting game to see how the start of this journey goes for C, I’m praying that we start at the school we want, it’s a long journey ahead!

Are you playing a waiting game for school places, how would you feel if your ¬†child doesn’t get in at your first choice and what if anything would you do about it?


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  1. I don’t think you’ll have a problem if he attends preschool there and especially if it’s a school in your village. I was in the same position with Amy and only put one school on the form when she first started, back in 2004. The school was out of our catchment area even though it was the same distance away as the one that is in our catchment area – doesn’t make sense does it?! Anyway, they accepted my request so all was well. Good luck with your application.

    CJ x

  2. We’re playing that game too!
    If you live in the same village as the school I’d be surprised if C didn’t get in, I’ll keep everything crossed for you.
    I wrote a post about schools a couple of months back (http://lplatemummy.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/schools/) it’s hard isn’t it? It’s a big, nay HUGE, decision. Hubs and I have really felt the pressure, one, we hope Little miss gets in our first choice, and two, if she does we hope that we’ve made the right choice for her.
    Roll on April ay, the wait is too much! xxx

  3. We are in the same position, im dreading it if Harvey doesn’t get into our village school as it will mean at least a 15 minute drive to the next nearest primary school! I think im still in denial that my baby boy will be four this year AND starting school! fingers crossed for us all hey!

  4. It's terrifying. We played it for a bit. They went to school. But it didn't turn out to be worth waiting for after all and we home educated. Never had to play that game ever again….only when they got to Uni!

    • Wow, that’s a big choice Ross, one I don’t think I’m cut out to carry through! I think it’s very interesting and often read blogs from home educating parents and I’m in awe of them, you must have the patience of a saint!

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