Verbaudet Maternity Fashion Timeline

Verbaudet Maternity Fashion Timeline

Maternity fashion can be difficult to get right. You still want to feel stylish and chic but more than ever clothes need to be comfy and flatter your bump.

The Verbaudet Maternity Fashion Timeline has been designed to offer some helpful advice on how to dress through each stage of pregnancy, looking at adaptable styles and shapes and accessories. When I was pregnant I used ribbons tied under my bust to help define my shape and show off my bump, especially in later pregnancy. The guide recommends using a belt in the same way so you could use both to create different looks.

Verbaudet Maternity Fashion Timeline

I think the best advice I can give is to try things on, maternity trousers in particular can be horrible to wear if they aren’t comfy, I remember crying in the loos at work once because the band on my trousers was so uncomfortable! I liked the tip from the guide about wearing pants with a waistband that can be worn up or down, that sounds like a great versatile item that would be nice and comfy too.

But comfortable doesn’t have to mean you lose all sense of style, follow the tips in the guide and please leave your tips for maternity dressing below!


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