The Best Christmas Wake Up Ever

The Best Christmas Wake Up Ever

I just had to share the best Christmas wake up ever with you. I woke up at 7.45 and both children were still asleep. Excited to see their little faces and conscious of family coming for breakfast I went to wake them up. 7.45 is a  lovely lie in for me anyway so I was very chuffed. Daddy Ramblings was the first awake which was surprising! This is where the  best Christmas wake up ever comes in, here is the interaction I had with C.

Me: “Morning darling, it’s time to get up”

C: “Mummy, why does Mickey call his dog Pluto? I don’t think he should call him Pluto. I think I need 2 dogs and I don’t know what I will call them. Not Pluto though. Maybe I should call one…..”

I stood there listening and smiling to myself and wondering what sort of dream he must have had. But by this point I’m starting to get excited and giddy and I just want to open presents so……

Me: “C, what day is it?”

C: Looks at me, frowns and the jumps up and looks in his stocking which is hanging on the back of the door.

” Ooooooooooh Mummy, he came and he remembered my aeroplane, Santa is awesome!”

I love early morning conversations with my son, but this one in particular was epic!


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