The Motherhood feat Fiat 500L

The Motherhood feat Fiat 500L

When I first watched this video The Motherhood feat Fiat 500L I was a bit perplexed. I did wear a wry smile as the woman talked about the changes in her life since having children, I’ve thought often about the differences in my life since having my bundles of joy and I have to say that a Fiat 500L would definitely make up for some of the less fun changes.

Fiat says that the objective of this video was to create an engaging film that surprises and delights viewers with sharp humour that all young mothers can relate to. The heroine is depicted as a normal down to earth mum dealing with and rapping about the trials and tribulations of being a mother. The video was intended as a fun, cheeky and well observed focus on the trials of motherhood, discussed with a surprising frankness to make the target audience feel understood. The idea of the ’Motherhood’ repeated throughout the video was utilised to help create a sense of unity for all young mothers who can relate to the video.

I think it could be aimed at any mum who struggles with the school run, with baby snot/sick/poo on  her clothes, or in her hair. Who strives to be a good mum, whilst balancing a career, managing a home and raising little people. Being a mum isn’t always easy, in fact frankly it can be really tough from time to time. You only have to look at Twitter at about 6am each day to see that lack of sleep is a bit part of the Motherhood! So yes, it’s all a bit of fun, and very tongue in cheek but Fiat have got something right, we should stick together, for all the mother’s out there, doing their best to do it all and failing at times, check out the Motherhood, even if it’s just a chance to have a quick cuppa and a giggle!


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