Let’s Get Cooking

Let’s Get Cooking

C and I went along to a Let’s Get Cooking session recently at a primary school a few miles away. Let’s Get Cooking is an initiative that aims to get children and their families cooking together. Currently the scheme is lottery funded and aims to create 5000 cooking clubs across England!

Let’s Get Cooking has three key targets:

  • by the end of the five-year programme 1,106,300 children, family members and members of the local community will increase their food preparation or cooking skills as a result of Let’s Get Cooking
  • 70% of participants who learn a new healthy eating skill through Let’s Get Cooking will replicate that skill at home
  • 50% of children, young people and families who participate in Let’s Get Cooking will increase their intake of nutritionally healthy food.

We visited the Horbury Academy to see how Let’s Get Cooking works and what some children think of it! The staff and children of Horbury Academy were brilliant, the children in particular were true credits to the school and their parents. They demonstrated good cooking skills too, I was surprised at how eager they were to learn but also how adept they were at chopping, grating, mixing and more. I asked the children what they thought of cooking and the class they were enjoying and the response was incredibly positive. I was impressed by the food they made too, simple tasty recipes that would be very easy to replicate at home and lots of things that the kids could do with supervision so great for letting them get stuck in!

Even C was able to join in, as you can see he was a pretty awesome at mixing the Noodle Salad!

Let's Get Cooking

We also made mini pizzas, hummous, mango chicken pittas and samosas!

Let's Get Cooking

You can find out more about Let’s Get Cooking and the current list of classes here, there are 4000 at the moment so hopefully there is one near you already but if not you can register your interest! Come on Let’s Get Cooking!

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