Getting Thrifty

Getting Thrifty

Now we are switfly in the run down to Christmas and lots of families are really feeling the pinch I thought I’d share some thrifty tips to save some money.

1. Shop around – it might sound obvious but I’m always amazed by how little people actually look before buying things. I research purchases online, looking for discount codes and checking cash back sites to see where offers the best deal. Often you can find discounts of 5% or more.

2. Have a list – if you make a list of what you need you are less likely to spend money on other things. It also helps you remember what you have bought if you quickly make a note as you shop

3. Look for special offers – 3 for 2 deals or similar can help save money, you could even club together with friends to get the biggest items on the offer so you save the most money on each deal

4. Buy unusual money saving gifts – check out the savings pack from My Family Club, great as a present to yourself or a gift for family that keeps on giving! Not only does it entitle you to up to 10% off shopping, up to 20% eating out you also get a few added benefits thrown in. All for the bargain price of £9.99 which is a snip!

5. Make your own christmas decorations – not only is this a great family activity gthat can be lots of fun, it’s also a good way to make your tree personal to your family and can bulk out bought decorations very prettily. Try stringing popcorn, american stylee or decorating pine cones for a rustic effect. You can also find some great priced decoration ideas here

6. Bake biscuits for teachers, kids friends and relatives – decorate them and present them in paper bags or cellophane for pretty, personal gifts!

7. Make snowman soup – this fun gift is cheap to make but a lovely present for teachers or friends. Get cellophane cones, put in hot chocolate powder and marshmallows, tie with pretty ribbon and write a poem to tie to the top. You can find a classic snowman soup poem online or have fun writing your own!

8. Make your own crackers – you can see my post here

What are your top tips for saving money over the festive period. Any great homemade gift ideas. Let me know!

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