Contact Lenses For Busy Mums

Contact Lenses For Busy Mums

When you’re raising young children as a busy mum, you likely learn something new just about every day about how you might be able to make things a bit simpler for yourself. Yet despite the constant learning process, each day seems to seem just as busy as the last! The bottom line is, young children are quite a handful, and as a mother you have almost unceasing demands on your time. This is why any little tip that can make things just a bit more comfortable or simple is usually appreciated. For example, if you are a busy mum wearing glasses day in and day out – have you ever considered the potential benefits of switching to contacts?

Many people ask themselves about switching to contacts from a standpoint of fashion, or comfort. However, these are more personal questions that depend on your own preferences. If you are concerned about how contact lenses will affect your style, vision, or comfort, you can always sign up for a free contact lens trial and take some time to decide whether or not they’re right for you. However, if you are looking for a specific reason to consider switching to contact, consider these factors with regard to raising your kids and handling the everyday activity that involves.

Always Prepared

When you have young kids on your hands, you’re constantly on the move. Whether it’s taking your kids to school, some kind of athletic practice, friends’ houses, etc., there is always somewhere to go. Generally, people who are on the move this frequently prefer contact lenses to glasses because it’s simply one less thing to keep track of. If you have your glasses off at home and suddenly have to bolt out the door with your kids, you could easily forget them, and find yourself without good vision until you return home. With contact lenses, you’re always ready to go.

No Chance Of Damage

Depending on the ages of your kids, you may still be picking them up and holding them quite frequently, and let’s be frank – kids are squirmy! It’s quite common for young children to accidentally knock glasses askew, or even completely off! In these instances, your glasses may also be scratched, broken or smudged. This is another problem that can be completely avoided by wearing contact lenses, which cannot be damaged or smudged by active children.

Fewer Appointments

Additionally, there is a strong chance that if you switch to contact lenses you will have fewer appointments, which frees up your schedule a bit. Neither glasses nor contacts require particularly regular appointments, but with contacts you can set yourself up with a year’s supply or more, and only have to go in to the opticians if your vision changes. With glasses, if your vision changes, your glasses break, or you simply want a new or alternate pair, you will need an appointment or two to set everything up.

This is a guest post by Miranda Stevens who is a freelance writer and a contributor to numerous Internet blogs on parenting and parent life.

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