Online Doctors Service: The Ultimate Guide

Online Doctors Service: The Ultimate Guide


You might have already seen Lloydspharmacy’s online doctors’ service, but if you haven’t, it’s a great system that allows you to speak to a doctor online from the comfort of your own home. It’s convenient and very simple, and looks like the perfect healthcare resource for families who don’t have time to wait for appointments with a regular GP. Here’s a quick run-down of how it works.


About online doctors’ services


We all want to be a little more in control of our own healthcare, and that of our families, but with oversubscribed local surgeries and a growing need for day to day information, it’s vital to have access to medical advice when we need it. Online doctors’ service place the control back in our hands, offering same-day or next-day contact with a doctor and giving us just a little more peace of mind, as well as faster prescriptions and diagnoses.


Why use them?                            


There are plenty of situations in which an online appointment is more convenient. Quite often it can take a few days to see your usual doctor, during which time your symptoms may worsen without a prescription. It’s also a good way to get a quick diagnosis if your child is unwell, as worries about things like asthma and hay fever can be answered quickly. If you’re on a family holiday when you fall ill, it’s hugely comforting to have access to a UK doctor, who can advise you on where to get what you need and give you reassurance that there is somebody available to help you.


Another major feature of online doctors’ services, and one of the main reasons they were set up in the first place, is the level of confidentiality and relative anonymity. It’s easy to put off talking to your regular doctor about embarrassing complaints, but with e-mail appointments you can ask questions and get advice without having to speak to anybody face to face. Lloydspharmacy cover all kinds of issues you might not want other people to know about, including women’s and men’s health, sexual health, weight loss and help quitting smoking.


About Lloydspharmacy’s service


Lloydspharmacy’s service is registered with the Care Quality Commission, which provides fast test results and a fully confidential service. All you need to do to use the site is register and fill in a short medical questionnaire so that whichever doctor you speak to has a good idea of your history. There are a number of ways you can speak to somebody – depending on your preference you can do it by telephone, video chat or e-mail. As Lloydspharmacy is a private healthcare provider, there is a cost involved, but these are only on an appointment by appointment basis – you’re looking at around £20 for a 15 minute appointment, but weigh that up against the cost of a babysitter, transport and/or parking and you can easily see that the convenience makes it worth the small fee! Patients can also order prescriptions online, to be picked up at the closest store or even delivered via Royal Mail.


Overall, it’s a fantastic family service, giving you access to a primary diagnosis or a second opinion. We all worry about our families’ health – now there’s a way to gain fast, reliable information and advice, making it well worth bookmarking for the future!

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