Hackers, Friends and Snot

Hacks, Friends and Snot

It’s been a busy few days in our household, not least because I’ve been full of cold. C and I enjoyed a lovely mummy and son afternoon yesterday, which was marred by my mountains of tissues but was special due to us not getting much time alone together anymore.

Today I was back at work and feeling rubbish but determined to get lots of work done I soldiered on. By the time I got home I was feeling rotten and rather sorry for myself.I spent the day wading through mountains of tissues, sneezing and coughing and generally spreading my germs about – sorry work colleagues!

I was devastated to come onto the blog and find it had been hacked. After 2 hrs of despair I was really fed up and feeling mighty sorry for myself. That’s when my maid in shining armour swooped in and rescued me. The amazing Karina from Mums The Nerd got rid of the nasty hackers and made everything right again. So MAJOR thanks to Karina!

So to the bloggers among you out there the tips I can give are:

– have strong passwords on all your accounts

– back up your blog each week

– update wordpress whenever updates occur


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