Back To Work Wardrobe

Back To Work Wardrobe

When I started my new job I decided I needed a back to work wardrobe. Clothes that would be comfortable, smart and would make me feel confident. I scoured the shops looking for blouses, trousers and dresses that would fit the bill. I ended up with a mix and match wardrobe that I felt comfortable with and that I liked. For my job I need to look smart but not too formal as I deal with students and have to be approachable as well as maintaining standards for business purposes.

When Zalando offered me a voucher to buy a few final pieces to complete my back to work wardrobe I knew I wanted another dress, something in the way of accessories and possibly another blouse. I chose this Oasis dress because I loved the key print. It’s made of jersey material which makes it comfy and also flattering. I’m really happy with this dress, the style and fabric make it smart without being overly formal.

Back to work wardrobe

In my first parcel from¬†Zalando I had chosen a necklace and a blouse but when they arrived I wasn’t keen on them. I decided to return them and this was the worst part of the process. Delivery and returns with Zalando are free but the returns system is a bit complicated. You search by postcode on the returns website to find your local collection points. Sadly my nearest one was a few miles away and in a location that was difficult to find and somewhat out of my way. I would have preferred to have been able to take it to the post office for convenience although I know that their chosen system would be preferable to some people.

My Zalando account was recredited very quickly and I went back onto the website and chose a replacement scarf and blouse. Both of which are lovely, the scarf has loads of material which makes it very versatile and allows me to practice some new scarf tying techniques I have discovered recently. The bright print makes it ideal for brightening up a plain outfit or for creating a clash effect with a print.

Back to work wardrobe

The blouse looks really smart on, I was expecting the fabric to be softer but I like the style and fit and it’s really comfy for in the office. I’m not keen on the way the tie is attached to the rear of the collar, something about it means that getting it to lay straight is a bit awkward. But overall I like it and it goes perfectly with trousers.

Back to work wardrobe


So my back to work wardrobe is now complete thanks to Zalando for the voucher towards these items!



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