Halloween Treats!

Halloween Treats!

We don’t really celebrate Halloween, we have a little party at home and the kids dress up but we don’t do trick or treating because I don’t like the concept of knocking on strangers doors and begging. So because of that the children don’t get a big bag of treats. With this in mind we spent this afternoon making halloween treats for the children and family, I’ve shared the recipes below. They are NOT healthy treats but the kids think they are very tasty!

Halloween Marshmallow Pops

Halloween Treats

These are really easy to make and they are sweet and delicious. Not too bad for a first attempt!

What you need;

Lolly sticks


Milk Chocolate


– Push two marshmallows on to a lolly stick, repeat as many times as you need.

– Melt some milk chocolate, we did ours in a bowl over boiling water on the hob but you could melt it in 30second bursts in the    microwave if you prefer. You will need about 100g per lolly for full coverage.

– Dip the marshmallows into the chocolate allowing it to coat fully

– Dip the dipped lolly into sprinkles as desired, we did a mix of styles and colours

– Stick each lolly into a potato as they are completed then place the potato into the fridge to allow them to set


Halloween Krispie Squares (makes approx 9)

Halloween Treats

A classic, I always make these for parties but have jazzed them up a bit to make them real Halloween Treats!

25g butter

150g marshmallows

90g Rice Krispies

– Grease a square baking tin (approx 10cm square)

– Gently melt the butter in a pan

– Add the marsmallows to the melted butter and allow to gently melt

– Remove from the heat and quickly stir in the rice krispies

– Press the mix into the greased tin with a greased spoon ( if you don’t grease the spoon then the mix will stick)

– Decorate immediately with chocolate sprinkles and Halloween sweets


Halloween Chocolate Krispie Buns

Halloween Treats

The best krispie buns are made with mars bars, they just make them super sticky and chocolatey, perfect Halloween Treats with scary sweets on top!

Mars Bar

15g butter

100g milk chocolate (plus additional 25g)

75g Rice Krispies

Halloween sweets

– Gently melt the milk chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water

– Add the butter and mars bar to the melted chocolate and allow to melt

– Remove from the heat and quickly mix in the rice krispies

– Spilt the mix into bun cases

– Melt the extra chocolate as before and put a small amount on the top of each bun, quickly stick a sweet on top of each one


Easy Halloween treats recipes that the kids get involved in! Just make sure you wash up quickly because the krispie squares in particular can make a big sticky mess if you don’t get it on to soak asap!


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