Are you smarter than a Key Stage 1er?

Are you smarter than a Key Stage 1er?

Should you be helping your children with their homework or is it you that needs some extra tuition. Science is a subject, in school, that people either love or fear. Those of us that love it will remember it forever, those of us who fear it, have most likely blocked all memory out of their brain.

So now we are all grown up. And we have children. And those children are bringing some science homework home.
All notes away. You can begin your test now.

So how did you do? All questions in the quiz were taken from the Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculums. My earliest memory of science class was memorizing the periodic table. I remember them (well some, anyway) but I didn’t enjoy it. On the other hand, my dad taught me the planets using a rhyme and I still remember that now. I thought he was bonkers talking about Mashing up potatoes, but I’ll never forget Venus is the second closest planet to the sun. The more fun something is, the more likely your child is going to remember it. The internet is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to entertaining children. I like the idea of a science experiments you can do at home. One of my favourite experiments can be seen in the video below. This is a really fun way of explaining the need for Oxygen for a flame to burn and the way the gas rises to blow out the taller candle. This experiment is easy to do and a much simpler way to explain the process. You never know, you might learn something.

This Guest Post was written by Vicki Power on behalf of Science Boffins, a company that is passionate about making Science fun for children.


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