Teaching Children Good Oral Health

Why Teaching Children Good Oral Health Is About More Than Just Clean Teeth

I went to an event last week about Oral Health with an interest in teaching children good oral health habits. Not only was it  a really interesting event but it was held at The Ivy, you know celeb hang out The Ivy? How could I turn down that invitation? I was a bit of a fish out of water with all the health journos and bloggers but did my best to represent parents and parenting blogs. I have written about health before and it’s an area of interest to me so I hope this is of interest to you too, the event certainly opened my eyes to why oral health is about more than just clean teeth and a nice smile.

Did you know that your oral health can have a significant effect on your overall health? I thought that poor oral health led to your teeth falling out but it’s way more important than even that. The event was full of statistics and information about public attitude to oral health and teeth brushing and while it didn’t surprise me it is saddening to know some of the statistics.

– 45% of respondents said that a day was the longest they’d gone without brushing their teeth

– 28% of respondents said they had gone for 2 or more days without brushing

– More than 5% male respondents had gone for 4 days or longer without brushing their teeth (compared to just 1% of females)

– 60% of respondents said that they would be worried about their children leaving blood in their spit after brushing

– 24% admitted they had not visited a dentist in the last year for a check up or any other work

So if you knew that gum disease is a common condition and affects between 15-20% of the world’s adults population and that gum disease increases the risk of coronary heart disease,heart attacks, strokes and osteoporosis, how would that make you feel about good oral health?

I came away from the event feeling more sure than ever that I need teach my children good oral health. I want them to have great teeth but more importantly I want them to be healthy and if by brushing their teeth I can have some effect over their general health in the future then all the better. It’s fair to say that neither child likes brushing their teeth, it’s a twice daily battle that we all hate, they scream, I feel terrible for pinning them down and making them cry but I know it’s really important so it’s a battle I am willing to fight.

Teaching children good oral health is a gift we can give the younger generations to help keep them healthy for life and it’s such a simple lesson that has such great impact.

Thanks to Simply Health for the information and the delicious lunch at The Ivy!


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  1. My first job out of uni strangely was to be a dental nurse in the private sector (strange as my degree was in media, what can I say I nail interviews) and children's oral health is so so so important and if often neglected. People presume that as their teeth are going to "fall out anyway" that they don't need to be as observant of it, alas you need to be more observant, esp with children's gums etc. Great post!

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