Date Night

Date Night

Last night was Date Night. I love Date Night. Date Night doesn’t happen often enough really but with two small children it’s not that easy, arranging baby sitters (thanks mum) and making the time seems such a big deal. But last night we snuck off for some quality time, an evening of being just Mr and Mrs.

When we reached the table we were treated to a delicious Amouse Bouche which we hoped would set the tone for the meal. Sadly the starters were mediocre at best, they came across as try hard, which to be honest is actually quite a good way to describe the whole restaurant. Neither of us really enjoyed them and if that had been the only things we ate we would definitely not have gone back.

The main courses however were delicious. I chose a Mini BBQ dish that was meaty goodness on a plate, very tasty and filling, I opted for a side order of onion rings which were HUGE, and a very generous portion. The hubby chose a Pig Cheek Confit which was again delicious, I would have happily eaten either dish, he chose a side order of Chunky Chips which proved an ideal accompaniment to either dish.

Having plumped for an additional glass of wine (well it would be wrong not to when the kids were safely at home!) I decided not to have pudding, I tasted the hubbies and I was really glad I hadn’t bothered, to put it plainly it was utterly rubbish! The nicest thing on the plate was the orange flavoured chantille cream, which shouldn’t really be the case when you have a chocolate tian and coffee ice cream on the plate! The tian was dry and tasteless and the coffee ice cream didn’t taste of much and didn’t melt like ice cream – very weird indeed.

Overall we’d enjoyed ourselves and we felt the main courses made up for the other dishes so we weren’t overly disappointed. Then we popped on to the most romantic of venues for our after dinner entertainment – B&Q! I know, bit of an anticlimax but our summerhouse won’t finish itself!

We got home to find both children happily tucked up in bed and fast asleep having behaved well for their Gran. It was a pretty great night! Well that is until I woke up at 11.30 feeling rubbish! I was promptly really sick and that put paid to visiting that restaurant again!

Next Date Night I’m hoping for better food and definitely nothing that makes me ill! Thanks to my hubby for being good company though, I still had a good time xxxx


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  1. Date night is a time for you and your significant other to take time out from your hectic lives and have some fun. It’s important to spend alone time with each other so that you can keep your relationship loving and happy.

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