Rear Facing Car Seats

Rear Facing Car Seats

Recently we were sent a rear facing car seat to test. I have been drawn to the idea of rear facing car seats because of research that shows them to be up to 5 times safer than their forward facing alternatives. That’s a big difference isn’t it? Up until recently I didn’t really know much about them, like up to 70% of UK parents I’ve since learned. But I spoke to the team at and I am quite astonished by the difference in the statistics and to learn that in other countries it is the legal recommendation to keep children rear facing longer.

– In the Nordics, most children are rear facing until the age of 4. In Sweden it is legally recommended that this is the case

– In the USA, children are rear facing until at least 2 years old

– Crash tests show that compared to forward facing seats, the pressure exerted on the neck is 5 times lower for rear facing car seats.

Interesting right?

Sadly the rear facing car seat we were sent just wasn’t a good fit for our vehicle. We own a people carrier that has stacks of room in the back but due to the angle of our seats and how the isofix connections work in our car we just couldn’t fit it in! The passengers seat would have had to go as far forward as it could which would then compromise the passengers comfort and safety. I wouldn’t have wanted to travel any more than a couple of miles crammed in like that. The seat was fantastic though and the childs viewpoint is brilliant because they are sat so high up they can see way more than they can in most forward facing seats which is a definite plus point. The price is obviously an issue for lots of parents but you have to factor in the fact that you only need that one car seat until the child is 4 then they aren’t that much more expensive and for 5 times more protection I think it’s worth it!

I fully support the campaign to keep children rear facing for longer. If you can stretch to an extended rear facing seat then do

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