Feeling Very Patriotic

Feeling Very Patriotic

This year has been full of events that have celebrated everything that is great about Great Britain, from the Queens Diamond Jubilee to the Olympic I’ve been amazed by how people have pulled together to celebrate and support our monarchy and now our athletes. It’s been very special.

I’m a monarchist, I’ve always loved the royal family and always will, I think our monarchy are something to be incredibly proud of. The Queens Diamond Jubilee was very special and seeing my little boy come home from pre-school so enthused having learned about the Queen and celebrated her time on the throne just made me swell with pride.

The Olympics has been a very different experience this year for me, having never been that bothered before this year I am hooked. I’ve watched sports I’ve never seen before, supported our athletes by cheering, sitting on the edge of my seat and watching every bit of action I can. It’s honestly surprised me! Before it started I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t watch anything. It really couldn’t be any further from the truth! I’ve willed people to do their best and win medals and commiserated when they have missed out on medals or higher medals etc. It’s been brilliant and it’s not even over yet!!

It’s also reminded me that there is a sport out there for everyone. It’s been brilliant showing C that football is not the only sport in the world! Who knows maybe one day I’ll see one of my children in the Olympics? What ever happens I’d love them both to find a sport that they love and whether or not they are any good doesn’t matter.

I’m so proud of the things that have happened this year and can’t wait for the next big celebration for Great Britain, I wonder what it will be!


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  1. I learnt that some sports actually have rules! I thought volleyball was a free for all until I watched it and learnt all the names of the hits and stuff! The highs for me have been the cycling and athletics, not just because of the medals but i suppose the anticipation of needing the win to get gold helps!

    • I’ve absolutely loved the cycling, particularly watching Chris Hoy win the GOLD today, truly amazing and such an experience. Wish I’d been there live, learnt a lot about sports that I didn’t know and really enjoyed it!

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